This wasn't a leap of faith,
it was a calculated move.

Rebuild was born in the suburbs, but our soul is pure Detroit. Shortly after we started, we relocated to the city’s New Center neighborhood – an underpopulated, uncharted area ripe with possibility – and we’ve never looked back.
Rebuild’s investment in Detroit continues with our new headquarters, currently being built in the Milwaukee Junction neighborhood. Once the heart of Detroit’s manufacturing industry and home to Ford’s original Model T factory, it’s now known for desolation and blight. We want to bring jobs back to the district and populate it with optimistic, energetic people who share our vision for the city.
We set out to create an agency that approached marketing and advertising differently. Culture is at the center of our plan, this means hiring individuals who are naturally entrepreneurial, appreciate creative tension, jam everyday, stay curious with their work and ultimately hustle for the clients.

Music meets marketing.

Rebuild Group is located in the heart of Detroit and this is also where we draw our inspiration. Hitsville USA in particular was a catalyst in how we are rethinking the agency model. The chart topping success of Motown was fueled by Barry Gordy’s Assembly Line, strong songwriting teams like Holland-Dozier-Holland, and of course the Funk Brothers, jamming with artists like the Supremes, Four Tops, and the Temptations.
At Rebuild, we apply the principles of Motown and songwriting to marketing in order to create breakthrough experiences that are designed to emotively connect and convert shoppers to buy.

Great teams inspire great work.
Great work inspires great clients.

Josh Gershonowicz

Chief Executive Officer

Steve DeAngelis

Chief Marketing Officer

Stephanie Ekelmann

Director of Operations & New Business

Eric Bowe

Director, Strategic Solutions


We create results-based marketing communications solutions that drive value for companies, brands and services in transition. Our ROI Trak© process, combined with deep consumer insights and highly crafted communications, make us a valued asset to our client-partners.


We believe in a transparent and trusting partnership with our clients — one that is strengthened by our focus on ROI and commitment to hiring the most collaborative, innovative and enthusiastic staff the industry has to offer.


Our unwavering focus on marketplace-results gives our clients a business advantage that drives our passion and fuels our growth. We will grow and thrive with the strength of our clients, partners and employees.


Rebuild Group is one of the leading ROI-driven marketing communications agencies in the Midwest. We combine the art of communications with the science of analytics to create brand experiences that drive marketplace success.


Inquisitive, optimistic, informal, creative, collaborative and fiercely committed to our clients’ success.