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XL Series 8 Campaign


Our journey with Toyota's Hino trucks began when we were tasked with launching Hino's new line of trucks, the XL Series 8, a comprehensive project that included everything from designing vehicle badging to creating sales materials, establishing a web presence, and managing CRM communications over a multi-year timeline. Balancing product readiness with go-to-market strategies was crucial.

  • Brand Development

  • Creative Services

  • Website Development

  • Marketing Consultancy

We worked closely with Hino throughout the entire process, adopting a collaborative approach to develop a strategy that would make an impact at the Work Truck Show in Indiana. Amid a crowded field of over 500 exhibitors and 35,000 attendees, our goal was to capture attention and celebrate the launch in a memorable way.


We designed a large exhibitor space featuring a dynamic 360° screen wrap that evolved throughout the show, meticulously planning every aspect of the venue, from lead gathering strategies to the signage that directed attendees to our exhibit. The launch was supported by multiple executives from around the world, requiring precise coordination of scripts and editing for the event. The reveal was a resounding success, drawing a large crowd to the showcase floor and marking a significant milestone for both our agency and Hino.

The clients at HINO are always seeking ways to stay in front of their competitors, in an industry with few competitors at their scale. A significant driver of revenue outside of truck sales, is to own the outfitting of accessories and customization. The margins are high and the sale is easier once a customer is in the door.


Because HINO relies on a very strong network of dealers, they are sure to do their part to make the selling easier. We designed a best-in-class, interactive accessories catalog to boost parts sales and relaunch their HinoStyle accessories brand.