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In a world where every child’s battle against terminal and chronic illness is as unique as their spirit, a  program was created to help kids overcome the pain and anxiety of treatment. The “Heroes Circle” empowers kids with the tools to self-regulate their stress and suffering through non-contact martial arts, meditative breathing, and mindfulness. It’s not just therapy; it's a journey to move them from victims to victors.

Looking to expand the reach and impact of the program, the Heroes Circle told us they wanted to reach a million kids … in the next 5 years.

We quickly realized that the scope of this vision wouldn’t work with traditional product development and marketing techniques. We would have to create something completely new.

Something that would create real and personalized connections… on a global scale.

  • Brand Development

  • Creative Services

  • Website Development

  • Digital Marketing & SEO

  • Marketing Consultancy

Introducing the Digital Dojo.

A platform designed to bring daily support to children in need through digital innovation. Featuring a user-friendly app, AI-trained in the voice (and personalities) of our martial arts therapists, It offers children a personalized experience with their favorite Sensei’s. Now children can reach out for help wherever they are.

To bridge the gap between human connection and technology, we’ve created over 70 pieces of content, infusing the AI Senseis with the wisdom and personalities of their human counterparts, ensuring every interaction is meaningful. AND our videos teach kids all over the world the techniques and training needed, so that they can teach other kids going through these hardships. Heroes Circle and The Digital Dojo are more than just a program or a platform; they're a community where every child going through pain and anxiety has a trusted place to turn for help.


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